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Kadir Kameroğlu

Life of Kadir Kameroğlu


Kadir Kameroğlu, who was born in Çatlar neighborhood of Çivril in 1935, started his life struggle at a young age due to financial difficulties.

He started his business life as a tailor apprentice in his hometown by working as a hat maker and since 1969 he worked as a jeweler.

After primary school, he lived the lack of being unable to continue his education because of financial difficulties and remained a deity in his life. He built the Kadir Kameroğlu Elementary School in Çivril, where he was born and grew up, with the feelings given to him by the love of the people and the people in him and his sincere belief in the phrase en the most true master is science in life. Endir He continued his love of service to the land of his birth with the Health Vocational High School he built in 1990, and this high school continued to serve by being connected to Pamukkale University after the health vocational high schools turned into high schools.

Kadir Kameroğlu, who made investments for the benefit of the public, such as schools, health centers, colleges and mosques, has also led the construction of many institutions such as Çivril Industrial Vocational High School and Nursing Home, as well as providing material and moral leadership for Çivril State Hospital to be suitable for the era. He made.
As a result of his philanthropic efforts, Kadir KAMEROĞLU was awarded with the STATE SUPERIOR SERVICE MEDAL for the first time in the history of Denizli on 15 October 2002 by the Office of the President of Denizli.



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