Pelican Mall

Year : 2010

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Avcılar district: Pelican Mall

It is one of the exclusive shopping malls of Istanbul with 80000 m² closed area offered by Murat Tabanlıoğlu's experienced architecture on Avcılar E-5. Avcılar E5 Üzeri, Near the city, a life intertwined with nature 21.698 m², 80.472 m², 100 Features: 1300 Car Capacity Parking Lot 9 Cinema Halls

About Project


Avcılar district and those living in the surrounding areas to provide a completely different world, all you need from A to Z and shopping mall project in order to meet the expectations of the world and Turkey is bringing its visitors the exclusive brands.

Pelican Mall, in Turkey and the world’s elite brands harboring As well as day that can benefit highly from the light atrium, custom landscaping, ornamental pools, as well as life items in shopping centers as well as terrace cafes of the entertainment unit is making to the fore.

In Pelican Mall, which consists mainly of steel construction, 100 stores serve on average on 4 floors. The Carrefour hypermarket, which is located on 4,000 m2, is an undisputed attraction with its 9 halls, CinemaPink, Vatan Computer technology market, Ice Rink, Bowling and children’s playgrounds.

Designed by Tabanlıoğlu Architecture, which has also won many awards in the architecture of many stylish buildings, the Pelican Mall has been created with a spacious atrium and skylights to provide visitors with a spacious atmosphere. This spacious environment has been made elegant by the interior architecture with pool and plants. The unique e-box on the exterior of the building adds originality to the structure.

   Web Site: www.pelicanmall.com.tr