Kameroğlu Metrohome

Be in the
Center of Life

In north side of Metrohome E5 highway, in south side Beylikdüzü’s massive city park Yaşam Vadisi, Kameroglu Metrohome adds value to your investment … Enjoy living in the center of the city with the Metrobus and the planned Metro station right in front of the METROHOME. You can choose METROHOME, the prestigious project located in the most valuable and most central location of Beylikdüzü.


You don’t have to go far for a good day with your family, your friend and your children. In METROHOME Cadde Stores which is a step away from the daily bazaar, will add color to the area where you can meet your daily needs, you can enjoy exclusive cafes, restaurants and shops, or you can easily reach many shopping centers in your immediate surroundings.


A safe life with security measures provided 24/7 and a 3-storey indoor car park that protects your car. Take time in METROHOME and live every day like a holiday. Metrohome meets all the needs of you and your family with its play and activity areas where children can have fun, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fitness, yoga and pilates halls.

Yaşam Vadisi
is near you

One of the biggest city parks of Istanbul, start your day and experience the relaxing sounds of birds, feel the nature by walking among trees and flowers. In this lush area, concert-activity area, cafeterias, art workshops, children’s playgrounds, jogging trails, cycling path, mini golf course and so on. Enjoy your time in a variety of activity areas.

Catch the Rythm of the City with METROHOME CADDE

We have reinterpreted your longing neighborhood life with the modern CADDE (Street) concept.

You can meet your daily needs in the concept stores, you can spend time with your new neighbors and friends in the stylish restaurants and cafes.

Kids nested with Nature

In METROHOME you will witness the healthy and happy growing of your child.

Comfortable, reliable and peaceful…

We offer all kinds of social opportunities to your children with their peers and pets.

Organic Garden

In Organic Garden, which we believe it can support both physical and spiritual development of minors, your child can witness the miracle of nature by observing that the seed he has planted can grow.

Add a book from You

to Our Library

In the common living area you can make a family reading time in the places where you can share your libraries.

Not Only a House, LIFE ITSELF

Take your time at METROHOME and experience every day like a journey.

At the end of a busy working day, you can relieve your stress in the outdoor and indoor swimming pools suitable for all seasons, and relax with the spa and bathing area to enjoy the rest of the day.

You can get new friendships that can be socialized in common areas of interest.

You can do sports in the rich landscaped areas like jogging and walking at any time of the day and you can stay healthy and fit by doing yoga and pilates in the fitness room.