About Us

Kameroğlu Group of Companies started its commercial life in the 1970s Grand Bazaar with the brand of Kameroğlu jewelry which belongs to wholesale gold and diamond sector.

Since 1993, he established the brand of EKOL and continues its activities by improving its wholesale trade activities with the brand of EKOL.

Following the completion of housing projects in luxurious districts, Kameroglu Construction has aimed to carry its mission one step ahead of the housing construction sector. In 2007, Capacity Mall and Pelican Mall Shopping and Life Center were established and in 2010 the company still operates the shopping centers.

In addition to the projects it develops, it becomes a part of CCG consortium Pelican Hill Phase I and II of Turkey’s largest villa project. In addition to the stage projects, Pelican Hill Residence has been realized with 700 apartments.

In 2013, the most prestigious project of Lake Valley II. Stage continuation project; Pelican Hill Ihlamur Houses with a new understanding of the life of the villa Kameroglu Construction, detached families living in the longing of the needs of the family by solving all the needs, they are looking for a pleasant living space and the tranquility of the unique landscape.

Kameroğlu Construction, with its 28 years of experience, does not compromise on quality and trust in its projects and aims to add value to its region with its Kameroğlu Metrohome Suite-Residence – Cadde project consisting of 1693 residences and 125 stores on 43.700 m² area with the most valuable location of Beylikdüzü.

architect of projects that add value to life.